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Fishing game skills, leaks, gaming strategy and winnings

betso88 fishing game

Fishing game service is an easy and user-friendly type of shooting game. The main purpose of this game is to convert the winnings into cannonballs. Once the fish has successfully exploded/killed, rewards will be given accordingly based on its different color or sizes.

In regards to the method on how to ace and hit the target of the dragon head from a group of players, special skill is required for this.  Also, how to choose the targeted fish at any point of time, all will be shared and reveal in here.

betso88 fishing game
betso88 fishing game

Fishing Games Skills

The weapons that can be used as your attack machine are usually close at the fort, for instance lanterns, devils and turtles. The fish usually swim very slow and this bullet will hit on it most of the time. However, there are certain fish that are near.  These will be the ones that are super hard to defeat.

For example, unless it’s a blasting period, don’t try to fight back. As for the shark, this will depend on its surrounding and situation. If there are no small fishes swimming around, you can try to attack the shark. But in different situations if there are any small fishes swimming, then you had to hold the thought of shooting the shark. 

Track on the direction and switch on the machine gun mode in order to shoot wildly. This technique is sometimes suitable to use on some fast swimming fishes, and the chances of winning is very high. Also take note, if there are a group of large and fast swimming fishes, it is advisable for you not to waste the bullet and keep attacking them. Wait for the group of fishes done passing first before continuing the next round of fight.

happy fishing game
happy fishing game

Fishing Game service Tips

In this game, you need to make sure to pay more attention with the positioning of the surrounding fish. Sometimes you will face a situation where you are unable to catch the fish that you wanted. Also, there will be a time where the fish you wanted to shoot were blocked by other fish nearby.

It is advisable for you to use a smaller cannon if you wish to shoot a small fish and use a bigger cannon shall you wish to shoot any big fishes or a group of fishes. You can give up to the fishes that swims way too far as this helps you to prevent you from wasting the bullet. Another way of strategy to use is to make a prediction in advance, this is because as the fish moves, it’s necessary to analyze and judge the position of the direction they will swim in advance once the bullet is released.

Sometimes the fish will swim fast and sometimes the other way around. Sometimes they even will turn in other directions. There will also be an incident where there is a time the fish will change its swimming position before the bullet even arrives. All of this can be mastered easily by just having lots of practice. Also, it is always recommended to start with the nearest one.

jackpot fishing game
jackpot fishing game

Once you’ve kept playing for some period of time, the difficulty of the game will slowly increase to a harder level. There are more higher-level fish for example sharks will appear.  It’s important to always ensure aiming at the middle side of the shark which by doing so, the chances and probability of scoring in the game will be high. However, the consumption of bullets this way is also high, but as people always say, income is always greater than expenditure which, by this way, can assure the high quality and quantity towards the capture.

In the event if you are unable to shoot the few shots on the front side, that will be the time you need to start to pay more attention where by doing this you don’t need to do the same shooting later. In addition, always remember to also take note that during the game ongoing, there are “powerful cannons “will pop out. All you need to do is to keep accumulating some certain amount of energy and to do so based on the energy that you used while firing the ordinary cannon. And with the “powerful cannons”, it is best to wait until the big fishes like gold cicadas and golden toads come out. By using the said “powerful cannons”, this will give you a higher chance to kill the big fish.

5 Tips for playing Fishing Games

dinosaur tycoon fishing
dinosaur tycoon fishing

1.Understanding the rules of fishing game service

In general, there’s two types of gambling machines which ensure the winning possibility for each money in the machine. One of the main rules of a fishing machine will be the pumping rate. For example, if a player entered 100 coins, the player also has to state out how many coins that need to withdraw.

This is what we called pumping rate.  Another type of gaming machine is controlled by the total stock of playing money. In example, supposedly the initial point in the machine has been set to 1 million points. Player A won 50 thousand points and the inventory of the machine will indicate 50 thousand points. At this time, it will be hard for you to win. Assuming Player B lost another 2 million, the stock stated in the computer will become 100-50+200/250,000.

At this point of time you will have the chance to win the money that Player B had lost. Usually, there are some people that play at the game machine where there is no chance for them to win the money from the machine but instead they will win the money from the player beside them. That is why at this point you should also keep monitoring and observing the total win and loss of the person beside you.  If that person keeps winning a lot of money, I will suggest that you take a break.

2.Right Gaming Mentality

crazy hunter fishing
crazy hunter fishing

Don’t let the emotion overrule your preparation of playing the fishing game machine. Analyze the strategy of this game steadily.  Once you found the betting token chips keep slurring out and regardless what bullet you were using the fish did not even hit on it, stop first.

How to put a stop for the losing point? Based on the experience, originally, you prepared 10,000 token chips, yet you realized that you kept losing 3,000 token chips continuously. With that you should stop playing immediately.  Imagine that the 3000 is out and not returnable.

The reason for doing that is you can spend more time focusing on the remaining 7,000 token chips to earn more profits for you and not redeem back the money that you’ve lost. This is a different mentality. If you can maintain this kind of mentality, it means that it’s time for you to master the game.

Due to the design setting and the principle behind of this game is in order to keep attracting players continue to play and also to maintain the stability of the income, these three situations will appear alternatively, and it will return back to its squares one as mentioned at the end where you will be in a winning condition but it will charge some amount of “commission”.

3.Understanding the cycle pattern of fishing game

In a fishing game machine there are three different kinds of cycles such as [Get Point], [Spill Point] and [Retreat]. For “Retreat period”,it basically means the fishing machine will  keep their states of neither winning nor losing status which in other words, regardless how you play the game, you will not lose or win any money.

As in “Spill period”, since there is a state where there is an upper hand, that means there will be the same upper hand of the player appearing. During this time, you will realize that it is easy to score when shooting the fish. If you encountered this mentioned period, it’s highly recommended for you to switch directly into a higher stake of fishes.

  Even the fish that are hard to catch are most likely to get hit. Always make sure to grab this golden opportunity. Sometimes there is a moment when the fishing machine has the upper hand. It will not be easy for you to get a hit although there will be a group of fish appearing. If you experiencing this type of period, it’s recommended for you to switch into a smaller bet, and slowly wait for the perfect opportunity to come.

4.Tracking of fast fish

Shoot quickly once you see there is a fish passing quickly. This type of fish usually has the highest scoring rate.

5.Shoot the fish that are near to the fort

Fishes that are swimming close to the fort are usually the fish that give away free points.

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